Create a real-world app with React

(Jonas Jsk) #1

Hello All

I’m new to this site and I have recently started learning React.js & Redux.

I would just like to learn what technologies are needed to create a real-world application with React.

If React is used for the frontend of the application, what is the best technologies to use to handle User registration and store data in a SQL database.

Please help me out and give me your advice so I know where to go from here.

Thank you so much

(Mohammad Makhashen) #2

From My experience with React and frontend and backend development

I suggest using Meteor which is a framework for building isomorphic web applications which means the server and the client can share code and use one language Javascript.

(Mohammad Makhashen) #3

If you already have a backend you can GraphQL as a data layer.
Redux is good for state management but not for data fetching, mutating and querying

(Mike Price) #4

You can checkout firebase