Communicating from Webview to React Native and invoking native SDK

(Sriramharibabu) #1

What I am trying to achieve is an app which is hosted in a server and is loaded on a webview which is on top of a reactnative app. From the webview, I want to invoke native SDKs like camera, location and also third party native libraries. Is this possible? If so then where should I start looking ?

(Krishna Kuchimanchi) #2

I think what you want is a Hybrid app, than React-Native app. What you are essentially doing is just use the webview and app packaging provided by RN and then implement a webview React-Native bridge to get camera, location e.t.c

Best if you do in say Cordova/Ionic or some Hybrid than React-Native. If you do in RN then you will just be reinventing the wheel.