CDN version of React with createClass

(Paul Jolly) #1

CDN versions of React and React DOM are available via

What I would like is a CDN-version of React + React DOM + create-react-class

Does such a thing exist?

If not, what’s the best way of achieving such a package?


(JSharp) #2

createClass was removed in version 16, which was a complete re-write of React.

I would recommend version 15.3.2 or version 15.4 if you are looking for maximum compatibility with various components out in the Wild that still use createClass.

Cloudflare provides a reliable CDN where you can select whatever version you wish.

(Sophie Alpert) #3

The URLs are these:

I’d recommend these over using an older version. Do you mean you want them in a single request? I think jsdelivr supports that:

(Paul Jolly) #4

@jtsharpsite apologies I missed your reply.

@sophiebits - thanks, for some reason I couldn’t find the create-react-class minified URL.

Yes, I ultimately want to combine these into a single minified file and ended up using webpack to do so. But from a quick glance I would be able to achieve much the same thing via jsdelivr.


(Paul Jolly) #5

@jtsharpsite interestingly I missed your reply because the email notification for your reply only just arrived (contrast @sophiebits’ reply which arrived just after it was sent). I’ll guess at some sort of intermittent error which has now been resolved…