Building a static library using react native

(Russ Fellman) #1

I am working componentizing(?) application features to be used in other applications across our organization. I think react native and codepush could be a great fit. Does anyone have any experience creating viewcontrollers in react native - and making a static library out of them for use in native iOS and Android applications? Is this even possible to run on a non-react native app, linked to a react-native static library?


(Neil Harlow) #2

@rjfellman Have you had any luck determining if this is possible?

(Derek) #3

This is totally possible. But the downside is that the target App will still need to use React Native libraries available, even though it’s a non react native app. Since RN is interpreted it needs that set of interpretation libraries.

If this is something your still interested let me know, and I can tell you how we’ve accomplished this at PayPal.

(Yashwanthreddy) #4

I am trying to achieve the same can you please tell how you have accomplished.