Best UI library for React ?

(Eric Bishard) #61

I’m glad to see a Ract version of Foundation, I am a huge Foundation Fan, I wish there were a full fledged Angular version of Foundation similar to this React version. Very cool!

(Ashish Sharma) #62

I am to decide for a one of these awesome libs. Considering material-ui and ant-d. For somebody new to UI development, which of these should be better? Bootstrap and others can also be taken in consideration if you guys think it’s even easier for a newbie.

(Evileddie666) #63

Material UI Next

(designer24) #64

or make your own UI on CSS3

(Prem Kumar) #65

I found this YT video on UI library useful. They complied the list of top 5 libraries for react.

They have React-bootstrap, material UI etc in the list.

(Jamesskyoung) #66


Disclaimer: I’m the author.

Basically, It’s a wrapper around Material Design for the Web. So you get the real MD… but in React Components. Not an implementation based on the spec. Anyway, if you like it… Great!

Pull requests always welcome.