Best UI library for React ?

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I started using Grommet, it is really awesome library, so I recommend it if you have not chosen one. But I would like to ask, why FB itself does not provide one? For now, they seem to provide only the hammer and nails which is not the customers (IMO) are looking for. For me it would be great if they provide css, components and provide decent support. For now we have dozens of UI libraries, which are too risky to use as the support may not be at acceptable level. Anyone from FB could comment?

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I didn’t see it mentioned, but I feel like Semantic UI should be thrown into the mix. Semantic has a solid variety of components to offer.

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Link to Semantic UI:

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Awesome !

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Did anybody checked this one out yet?

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ElementalUI is good if you want a solution that contains the essentials… and then make the rest yourself.

Blueprint.js is good for desktop applications… have widgets like context menu etc.

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We just open sourced our Form controls for React (available for other frameworks as well). Make sure to check it out and let me know what you think :slight_smile:

Mobiscroll Forms - Elements & Styling for Progressive Web and Hybrid Apps

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Hi, Check Out following link for ReactJS rapid prototyping: Link

ReactJS Online Training Hyderabad

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Hi all,

ag-Grid offers a powerful data grid for React - you can find more information here

We offer two versions, ag-Grid which is our community version and is entirely free to use or you can go for ag-Grid Enterprise which is available under commercial license.

Check out our site for details on how to get a two month free trial of enterprise.

Thanks, John

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Hello! I am starting my first react project. I have a lot experience in bootstrap so I think is the best way the UI library to strart.
What do you think about React Bootstrap? Is good?

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Syncfusion provides a complete UI library for React - Essential JS 2 for React

Currently we include the following components and more will be added in the near future

Button, Calendar, Chart, DataManager, Dialog, Grid, ListView, NumericTextBox, TextBox, Toolbar, Tooltip

The entire product is available for free through the community license program if you qualify (less than 1 million USD in revenue).

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I have 3 React projects in production.
One uses Bootstrap 3, one uses Bootstrap 4 and one uses Bulma.
In all cases I’m not using any React libs to bridge them together. It’s really not hard to do a form field JSX thing yourself.
Sooner or later some react-my-favorite-css-framework is going lack some feature you need or you just need to do things slightly differently and get stuck.

Not saying things like are bad. I just urge you to question if it’s really worth it.

(Onur Senture) #55

You can check PrimeReact. It has over 60 open source components.

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You can check with React MDL. Looks promising and has good set of components., While following the guidelines set by Google’s Material Design

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I 've been using Semantic - UI they provide React ready components but the styles are global, but still very well defined global CSS!!! SO if you need a nice grid and a really nice descriptive way to write HTML go with it. But keep in mind there are not that many snippets online.

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Coming from Angular 2/4 and using Material 2, I always find it odd that frameworks outside of Angular use Material like UI frameworks, I always stop to check them out, but I have not found them to be close to parity with Angular’s Material.

With that said as someone who is very picky about UI/UX, if I was using React I would no doubt be very drawn to Grommet! Not only does it have a great suite of components that I would assume work great with React (I don’t know this, I don’t build React apps) but the UX decisions are the type of thing I look for in a UI Framework.

To answer someone elses question, isn’t Grommet a UX design practice, not a UI framework. I would say it is both. Just like Google has a Material specification, Angular Material 1 and Angular Material 2 are implementations of this specification.

Grommet, appears to be a UI framework that was built around a set of UX standards as all UI frameworks should be. Without this opinionated foundation of how things should be done, a UI framework may have certain components that stray from consistent UX decisions. By having this standard setup they can build their version of the implementation as a UI framework and make that available to you. But I would look at these two pages as being different things:

1: Grommet UX standards and best practices:

2: Grommet UI Framework:

If we look at (1) we see something similar to Google’s Material Design Guidelines:

And (2) is more like, here is our preferred implementation of those guidelines, similar to Angular Material:

If anyone views this differently, I would love to hear your opinion, I know that perfect parallels cannot be drawn in this comparison, but I think it’s a solid way to look at Grommet and what they are doing and it makes me happy that there is a framework for React developrs that has put this much thought into a UX standard and an implementation of that standard as a UI framework!

Final Opinion: “Grommet is dope!, if I were a React developer it would be top of my list”

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I am still looking at this one, I was wondering if someone could give me some background on how well it integrates with react components. For instance. As an Angular developer, I originally used Foundation 6, but with a clear lack of integration with Angular’s components (having a version of Foundation made for Angular) it was a lot of work to get that framework to play nice with Angular. I later moved to Angular Material 2, which integrates well, out of the box I can use Angular Material components in my Angular app as they are built to work with Angular.

What does this look like in React, is Material-UI something that you can use in React out of the box and is built in a way that the components are react components or react compatible components or do you have to do extra work to get that functionality.

Also I’m wondering what working with something like Grommet is like in React, does Grommet UI Framework have a version that has React compatible components? Or is it just a framework that you have to build React components yourself?

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Ant Design looks promising!