Best UI library for React ?

(Rajikaimal) #21

Awesome stuff :slight_smile:

(eddy hernandez) #22

reactstrap - simple bootstrap 4 components. Inspired by a ton of great libraries.

(Manu) #23

You might want to take a look at stardust, which is the official react implementation of Semantic-UI :slight_smile:

(Nick Maksimenko) #24

It’s possible to use Webix UI library with more than 70 widgets and components as part of React app:
File Manager

(Marko Stijak) #25

Cx is built on top of React and it includes a rich set of widgets and charts.

(Noland) #26

If you don’t need need server side rendering (ssr) then I love material-ui. I could not get it to work with SSR. Too many problems rendering different inline styles based on server side or different user agents.

(Dcworldwide) #27

I’m presently building a MUI app atm. If you want to bootstrap something fast, it’s great. But then as soon as you want to style the components, you’ll realise the following:

(Note: Please correct me if my understand isn’t correct)

  • All structural and presentational styles are in-line.
  • This can make styling difficult. It can also make complex UI component trees slow to render (i.e. a page with lots of list items).
  • The MUI team recognise this and are planning to switch to JSS in the next version. This will resolve a few issues:
    • In-line style related MUI performance issues will be resolved.
    • Customising component styles will be easier, but you will need to use JSS.
  • The next release date is no one where close…the dev process is sloooow because there are no enough people contributing their time to the port. I think this is a great project if people stick with it and contribute to it.

(Usul Pro) #28

You can try material-ui addon for storybook. It helps and simplifies development of material-ui based components. You can develop themes and and switch between them to see appearance

(Rajikaimal) #29

I tried out this addon for storybook and it works fine !

(Usul Pro) #30

thank you @rajikaimal !
we grow up and try to get better :innocent:

(Parlop) #31

ant design have a lot of useful components, here’s the url:

(Levi Kovacs) #32

Take a look at

It comes with a set of components mostly tailored for mobile, but with a number of responsive controls as well. The good thing about it is that you can use it with virtually any other library out there.

While there are a lot of great free tools and Mobiscroll is commercial, where it really shines is with its polished UI that will help you in those annoying situations when you are looking for something and helps refined the UX of your app/website. Like these two controls:

(Razvanip) #33

Please give some feedback!
React dump components.

(Ihtml5) #34

I recommend some ui libraries,for example Alibaba’s Ant DesignandBaidu’s Fit

(Jian Weihang) #35

+1, I have the same feeling.

(Jisaac89) #36

I have been working on Recoil for about a year, please let me know what you guys think

(Bmarkov) #37

If someone is interested, you may look at these components: It’s free for non-commercial purposes. Getting started docs are available, too - jqwidgets-react-docs

(Flexicious) #38

For those of you looking for a powerful datagrid built for React Material UI - [IT works without Material as well, but the demo shows integration with Material]

(Flexicious) #39

We have a material UI datagrid here - We’ve been building datagrids for over a decade now and this is our latest addition.

(Rajikaimal) #40

Great stuff guys !