Best UI library for React ?

(Rajikaimal) #1

Other than Bootstrap, can anyone please suggest a UI library which works well with React.

what is the best ui framework in react ?
(Haani104) #2

I haven’t worked yet with a UI library in react but Material UI seems pretty good here, read this

(Tran Trung Tin) #3

Second this, I have used react-mdl, react-toolbox and material-ui, Material-ui is the best.
And also you should come to, there are various user-build component there.

(Rajikaimal) #4

Currently I’m using material-ui, so far it’s doing great, but some functionalities of some components seems limited.

(Rajikaimal) #5

Thanks for suggesting react-mdl, I’ll look into it. Materialup is a great place to find different components.

(Tran Trung Tin) #6

Just want to giving you an head-up that react-mdl using an hacky modified version of getMdl .js and .css file, so it hard for customization and some time it break thing, and you must go deep into that file to fix it, e.g. Tooltip component event stopPropagation so you can’t attach an onClick on its child; and Tabs component kind of break too.

(Aleff Souza) #7

React Bootstrap
Elemental UI

(Haani104) #8

Grommet is a UX design practices, correct me if I am wrong here.

(Aleff Souza) #9

A kinda of UX design practices but They have their own React Components.

(Aleff Souza) #10

I have using Material-ui and I am not so happy with it cause there are too many bugs and sometimes you ask things in its’ github issue list and you got no reply. It is reaaaaaallly frustrating 'cause it has 283 contributors so far but none cares to help you.

(Rajikaimal) #11

Didn’t know about Grommet, thanks. :thumbsup:

(Codylindley) #12

Look for Kendo UI React components in the early part of 2016!

(Jurgob) #13

Right now I’m using this one;
in combinations with this:

If you like material design, try it, it’s nice!

(Rajikaimal) #14

Material-UI is one of the best out there for react, thanks for suggesting formsy-material-ui :smile:

(What A Kitty) #15


(Alpha Dork) #16

Grommet is very cool - was using Material-UI - but I think I’m switching. :slight_smile:

(David Noreña) #17

Totally aggree I’ve never heard about Grommet … Is nice and very cool !

(Smoo Jitter) #18

What about for react-native

(Takacsmark) #19

I’m using porting my site to react. I built with material, bootstrap and foundation and liked Foundation the most. The react port works really well.

(Romuald Brillout) #20

I maintain a list of React UI Frameworks at
(I’m also building a frontend for it: