Best Free React Grid 2017

(Evileddie666) #1

I did a bit of research and here is a list of React based grids that I found. Any comments on which is the best regarding ease of customization etc? I would need all the common features like column sorting, filtering and page navigation.



React Pure Grid

React Redux Grid

React Grid Layout



(Steven) #2

I’m currently using react-table for my application withc fully customizable.

You should try here:

(Evileddie666) #3

I found that the Material UI Grid was the best one for my use.

(Richard Zhang) #4

I have built one package with Grid system, pretty simple to use. Also have media query and pseudo element. Hope to get some feedbacks :grinning:

(Shan Shaji) #5

Please Do check out table-boy No Documentation has been provided, but will be updating soon. No jquery dependancy and server side pagination and sorting. thank you