Are there any static code analysis tools for React Js?

(Kannan Mks) #1

My team working ReactJS on a new project. I’m working on quality check.

I want to control the quality of React Js , is there any static code analysis tools for React to(SonarQube/Structure 101 for java).

(Guillaume Hermet) #2

In terms of Static Type Checking tools, you can either use TypeScript or Flow, the latter being open sourced by Facebook and therefore easy to implement in ReactJs using its dedicated Babel plugin.


(Alexei) #3

As I know sonarQube has a plugin for JS, but it is not so good.

(Vitalijs Karpusa) #4

You can use ESLint to analyse code on quality

(Woongsik Choi) #5

You can try out DeepScan. It has more than 30 rules specialized for React. Its main focus is finding runtime errors and quality issues rather than coding conventions.

You can analyze GitHub projects at DeepScan site or use VS Code and Atom plugins.