Advantages of expo over android studio for react-native projects?

(Nilesh) #1

Just a bit confused, I’m learning react-native now, don’t know how to start with it. Stuck between the wars of using android studio vs expo for react-native. Which would be the best choice, considering performances and less-lags?

(Suhailjain) #2

I would not suggest using expo for react native if you have started learning react-native, expo abstracts a wholesome of basic react-native things, which indeed are not good for a beginner according to me, frameworks like expo should be used once you have a good experience and confidence about how things actually work behind the scenes.
Although some components provided by expo have better performance but your target is to learn core how’s and when’s.

(Nilesh) #3

@suhailjain I think using android studio causes performance lags in critical laptop configs and using expo I had overcome those lags by running react-native directly on the physical device instead of the simulator which android studio provides. But yeah, we can start from scratch with android studio more easily.

(Brent Vatne) #4

we talk about some of the reasons why you might not want to use expo here!

(Nilesh) #5