A good React library for notification system

(Vitor Amaral) #1

Hello everyone, I’m looking for a library / component for notifications, I want it to be simple, stable and easy to implement. This is to implement in a web application, I look for something that has the same behavior or style of image that I present below. Thanks!

(Artem Kuzko) #2

I’d suggest to look into ant design’s notification helpers. Of course, if notification is only thing you need, adding antd dependency might be too much for you, but maybe you will find it’s API as source of inspiration. Regarding usage criteria you’ve mentioned in your post, I can say the following:

  • antd’s notification API is super-easy to use
  • it works really well (stable)
  • as for integration, personally I use it with webpack and babel plugin, but they have pretty good Getting Started guides

Good luck!

(Vitor Amaral) #3

Thanks! but i just only need the notification, not the all package

(Joe) #4

I’ve used the React Notification System:

It’s a bit of a pain to style (JS for styles, but has had styles ported to less and scss, I think), but it gets the job done.

(Vitor Amaral) #5

Thanks! I will five a try!

(Banana Bobby) #6

Have you tried https://bananabobby.github.io/react-awesome-toasts/ ?

Supports custom presentational components and some nice features like managing the notifications queue